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Kenichi: The Mightiest Disciple

     The Anime version of the long- running History's Strongest Disciple Kenichi, Kenichi: the Mightiest Disciple is an amazing martial arts anime based more in reality than most.
     The training in this show is perhaps the most valuable of any other.
Kenichi's greatest talent is his ability to get up and keep going after taking repeated punishments.  While this is a valuable trait, it really doesn't do anything for training.  A great lesson in philosophy, but not in actual fighting.  Here are some of my favorite things that Kenichi goes through, that you can do as well.

#1 Techniques- The greatest are his Stepping Method, Seikuken, and Reinforced Uppercut.  The stepping method is a little unclear because of the style of animation, but the technique is simple.  Perform the stepping method by moving your body sideways past your opponents attack and strike.  It is much faster to move in while they attack than to block and counter.  Perform this inpractice with light sparring if you are able.  Seikuken is the more ridiculous of the techniques but it is grounded in reality.  By being at peace and focusing, you can keep someone from coming in to your space.  I like to have someone throw golf balls at me and deflect them.  The reinforced uppercut is a grappling oriented move, as it is too slow to use in stand-up fighting by most people.  practice by using a plam heel with your dominate hand and your other plam coming up below the elbow.  I suggest a Body Opponent Bag (B.O.B.) for practicing this exercise.  It will mame or kill someone if performed without control.

#2 Intense Bizarre Training- By using ridiculous physical training methods, the masters at Ryozanpaku (where Kenichi trains) put him through terrible tests that work on the body in weird ways.  This is great for the human body, because if you go and lift a dumbbell all the time, you can only hit a couple of muscle groups at a time.  By working out in different ways, you keep from getting the plateau effect.  Use everything in life as a workout, and you can be strong like Kenichi.

#3 Fighting Masters- Kenichi gets killed by the crazy Muay Thai master Appachai.  He is revived, but still... Fighting with masters is a great way to get better.  They can fight at a level just above yours to help you improve and increase that level as you get better.  Always fight those above you.  Just be sure that the ones you are fighting have proper control.